Adult learners are a diverse group, and they each bring their own experiences, motivations and needs. As an adult educator (and an adult learner at the same time), I can try to teach, but really I need inspire, encourage and motivate; for the most effective adult learning is that done for and by oneself.

These are the musings, reflections and resources from a post-secondary Biology instructor and adult learner.

About Me

IMG_3447My name is Mike Silvergieter and I teach general biology, ecology and marine biology at two Lower Mainland post-secondary institutions.

Some days you will find me as a biology lab instructor at a community college. Here we encounter students of a wide range of abilities, experience and motivations.

Other days, I can be found at an international college, teaching general biology for university transfer. In a class of no more than 28 students, I may have students from ten or more countries. Some struggle with English, while others are native English speakers; some are well-travelled, and others have never been abroad until they stepped off the plane in Vancouver the day before classes started. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment!

Every day, I am a husband to a wonderful elementary school teacher (a family of educators!) and an active, inquisitive young daughter who teaches me something new every day.


On Saturday, A20160425_182812pril 23, we welcomed a new addition to our family. This will explain my absence from posting these last few days! Here is proud big sister with “her” new baby!