Video Lectures

When I decided to try a flipped classroom, I read about various software programs to use. I had never made a video before, so this was all new to me.

I didn’t have funding available to purchase a program, and I knew that videos would have to be made at home, since I don’t have access to a classroom for significant time, or a private office space. Since my lectures were already in powerpoint, I opted for a screencasting program where I would talk over powerpoint slides.

I initially tried EzVid, but found that editing was cumbersome or too limited in the free version (I can’t remember exactly my problem with this). I settled on ActivePresenter, and have made all of my videos in that program.

I opted to break each lecture into smaller videos according to individual topics. This would make it easier to revise at a later date, and be easier for students to watch in portions. Each class therefore has between 2 and 5 videos, each about 10-20 minutes long. Some are longer, and I am working to shorten those for subsequent semesters. I aim for a total viewing time of no more than 1 hour per class. The videos are all on Youtube, as “private” videos, only viewable through a link posted on my class portal.

Each video begins with Learning objectives, has some suggested activities or thought provoking questions that I will bring up in class (my attempts to make the viewing experience a bit more “active”) and a review. The review slide has links to each topic for easy review, and other videos are linked where topics overlap.

I did some work to powerpoint slides, using more animation to make the visuals more “video friendly”. Initially, my speaking was very slow, and I spend alot of time editing out every little “um” and “ah”. I found that very time consuming and resulted in a choppy finished product. With experience, I have become more comfortable, speaking faster and worrying less about making a “perfect” video.

Video example


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