Introducing reflection

I am interested in introducing self-assessment and reflection in the classroom. See my thoughts on self-assessment in this post. I plan to introduce a reflection component this semester.

As I’ve stated previously, a science fair is the term project in my course. It is largely self-directed, in that students (in small groups) plan an experiment, carry it out at home, and report on it during a science fair. There are checks and mentoring built in to the project to make sure students stay on track. More than any other assignments, many students really take this one to heart and work hard on it.

I require that each student keep a journal, like a diary of their work on the project; this is worth 10% of the grade on the project. I realized this is the perfect place to introduce a reflection component. In criteria for the journal, I will provide guiding questions similar to these to encourage students to reflect on the project and their own work. In evaluating it, I will be looking for depth of reflection on both the final result and their individual participation.


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