Looking to the future

Where am I now professionally?

Right now I work three days as a lab instructor at one college, and two days as course instructor at another college. Working in two places works well right now because while one job means significant after-hours work (marking, developing lessons, etc.), the other doesn’t involve any “homework”.

Where would I like to be in five years?

I’m fairly pleased with where I am at this point, and am not looking to make significant changes right now. Both positions are secure, but there is no opportunity to advance toward faculty positions with perks like research semesters. There is no likelihood of teaching other courses, and although it involves extra work and development, I would appreciate the stimulation of teaching a different course, and perhaps interacting with more mature students in upper-division courses.

What do I need to get there?

Luck, primarily! I am not going to pursue a PhD, and unfortunately the field of Biology has an overpopulation of PhDs, such that although most faculty jobs don’t require the degree, they are given preference. A few institutions do value teaching experience over the advanced degree, and my hope is to find such a position (few and far between). By pursuing PIDP, developing a portfolio of innovative teaching experience and research and publications in the field of science education, I hope to set myself apart when such positions do become available. I will be participating in some classroom research regarding flipped classrooms, that hopefully will improve my own teaching and lead to a peer-reviewed publication.


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