PIDP so far

I have found the PIDP courses very useful so far, and I have implemented something in my own teaching from almost every course.

From 3100, I learned about the flipped classroom, and how to create a blog like this. I implemented started teaching a flipped classroom soon after. This is probably the single largest change I have ever made in my teaching, and is now the subject of a research project I am part of.

From 3210, I learned how to make lesson plans and define course objectives. Until then, my lessons were in my head, and sometimes made up on the fly. I am slowly writing lesson plans for each class.

From 3230, I learned to better define exam questions and provide clear instructions and expectations. I immediately implemented these changes in the exams I use.

From the Instructional Skills Workshop, I learned to use a Bridge-in at the beginning of each lesson. This is also a work in progress; I am working to either “set the scene” or include a “hook” to attract attention a the beginning of each lesson.

Throughout the courses, I have been introduced to the value of reflection. I began to try some reflection in my class, with limited success. Through discussions in 3250 I came across a set of questions to guide students in reflecting on a major project. I have used that in the last two semesters with surprising success. Not only are the students demonstrating a level of critical thinking and reflection that I expect, reading these has also provided useful feedback.

I have also come across various classroom assessment techniques in many of the courses, and see that they can also be used as feedback tools. I am slowly trying some of these out in various lessons.

Through the courses in the program, I have come across resources either in course materials or as part of the readings or discussions in those courses that have changed the way I teach, evaluate and interact with students.


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